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Raj Valluri, M.Acc. QBO ProAdvisor

Accounting is the language of business. I have over 11 years of experience in accounting with bookkeeping, clean-up, AP, AR, reconciliations, financial statements and reports. As your business grows, so will your list of transactions. Those transactions, when recorded, categorized, and reconciled promptly will support the growth of your business and satisfy the IRS.
Hiring me at Eminent Bookkeeping means you won’t have to worry about “surprises” from either client or the IRS. You will be able to sleep well at night knowing you have Eminent Bookkeeping on your side.

Our Services

Professional Bookkeeping Services

Clean up
Are you feeling overwhelmed by a bundle of backed up transactions?

Balancing the books is time consuming! Let Eminent Bookkeeping take the load off.

Ongoing Maintenance
Are you spending your "valuable time" keeping track of your business transactions?

Your business and customers need your valuable time. Eminent Bookkeeping will take the stress off so you can focus on growing your business.

Reconciliations & Tax-ready Reports
Are you having a hard time making informed business decisions due to the lack of information on where your business has been?

Eminent Bookkeeping will regularly reconcile your bank statements and run clean, accurate, and tax-ready reports. In this way, Eminent Bookkeeping informs your decisions, keeping you on track to reaching those business goals.

QuickBooks Online

Why QuickBooks Online?

Shared access to data with you and your accountant
There are no backups, and your data is secure on Intuit servers.
There is no software or local data to manage & no upgrades or release updates.
Easier and simple app sync with nightly automatic downloads
You can automatically send invoices, statements, and reports.
Your bank and credit card transactions are downloaded nightly.
And the option to receive payments by credit card and ACH electronic payments.
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